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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Holiday knitting

Well all is settling down down after the excitement of Christmas, and so I can show you some of the things that have been happening.
Firstly I've finished the first sock of my second pair - I'm calling it my first second sock :)

I do so love these colours and seeing the pattern appear as you knit!

And so I've started the second, but I must admit to being a bit distracted by some lovely yarn... Do you remember my secret project? I can show you now, it was, as I'm sure you all realised, a hot water bottle, and it was for my son who loves being warm and cosy on a cold evening.

I really enjoyed working with this yarn. It's Sirdar Crofter Chunky, and it's a blend of acrylic, cotton and wool, and it feels really soft and nice, as well as having the excitement of the pattern appearing. So I'm afraid I couldn't stop myself, I just had to get some for me too:

and I'm going to make a hat, the Sparkle Hat from Stitch n bitch, but without the sparkles, because that's not me. It's to keep me warm when I'm taking Lottie out. I'm very proud to tell you that I have started by making a gauge swatch. I think that makes me a Real Knitter, don't you? :)

Just also wanted to show you a couple of pictures of Lottie this holiday. I know she's a dog, she doesn't know about presents and all that, but I got her a toy cracker. In fact I wasn't being soft at all, it was just practical to give her something new to play with so she'd let us play with our toys ;)

You can see she's just about to pounce on it! Honestly though, she's not a pampered pooch... it's perfectly understandable that she doesn't want to get her feet cold on the kitchen floor, so she waits outside the kitchen on the hall carpet until there is a reason to come in the kitchen...

She's just being practical, just like I was when I gave her the Christmas cracker...

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and you're now raring to go with lots of new crafty projects in mind!


  1. Lovely first second sock and hot water bottle cover...I guessed right! Little Lottie is so clever to keep her feet warm on the carpet :)x

  2. Hi there, yes, yes, yes, totally addicted i am now to sock knitting, i just love it, i have just bought myself some new yarn today and i am really looking forward to getting started with it....i too get quite excited watching how the pattern emerges, and i just needed to say that if it hadn't been for you showing your lovely made socks on your blog i would probably would never of had a go, as i always thought they were a bit tricky, but i agree with you, they aren't as bad as first thought.....so thank you muchly Jane for getting me inspired enough to just do it.......All the best and happy new year to you Pixie xx

  3. I love your socks and the hot water bottle is perfect. My Max got 8 presents for Christmas, Santa even leaves him a present by our stockings. He is in Heaven.

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  5. I'm loving seeing all your knitting projects - its inspring to see how much you have got into them all. I also love looking at the patterns the colour changing yarn makes - I may have to invest!!


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