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Thursday, 26 July 2012

My favourite bag yet :)

Just finished my fat-bottom bag, and I love it. Be prepared for a series of photos all very similar...

The flower is the Aster-oids pattern from Crochet bouquet by Suzann Thompson, and I lined the bag using Kel's lining instructions, like lots of people on Ravelry have done.

Result: one happy me :)


  1. I LOVE it! I've made a few fat bottom bags but not this one. I really REALLY love it :)
    ps Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this bag? ;)

  2. That is a gorgeous bag, I'm definitely going to make one of these very soon! The lining is really pretty too really compliments the colours, an all round triumph I feel!

  3. That is one super sweet bag! Wow, does it get any sweeter than that? I love the fabric you selected.

  4. Hello! I am a new follower of your blog and I just wanted to say that I love that bag.. it is just so pretty... Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work..:)


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